SEASON 3 1992-93

SAF, Season 3 - Episode 1

301 - Episode 1

Release Date:10/4/92
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MIT Design Contest; Art of Science - Liquid Selves; Prescription Poison; The Power of Persuasion; Lights, Camera... Magic!

302 - Episode 2

Release Date:11/11/92
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Whale Rescue; Return Of A Killer: Tuberculosis; Art of Science: Showcase; Tooth or Consequences: Howler Monkeys; Wheelchair Racers; The Cutting Veg: Smart Food

303 - Episode 3

Release Date:12/2/92
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Channel Island Foxes; International Design Contest; Art of Science: Walkin' After Midnight; Mind Reading: Dyslexia; Fatal Attraction

304 - Special from Egypt and Israel

Release Date:1/13/93
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Saving The Coral Reef: Reef Madness; Stairway to Heaven: The Pyramid Builders; Neot Kedumim: Nogah's Ark; That's My Baby: Newborns and Their Moms; Desert Rescue: Stork Haven; Wingate Institute: Sports Imports; Parting the Waters: Miracle in the Red Sea?; Ancient Flutes: Tunes From the Tomb

305 - Episode 5

Release Date:2/10/93
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Restoring the Ferret; Back Beat: Heart Surgery; Art of Science - Colliding Galaxies; Rebuilding the Legendary Baidarka; Sailing Therapy in France