John Angier

John Angier

John Angier co-founded The Chedd-Angier Production company in 1979. He has played a leading role in the development of documentary programming for American public television in the areas of science, technology and the environment.

In 1973, John joined WGBH-TV, Boston as one of the three founding producers of the Nova series, then in development. Among several episodes he produced for the series, The Plutonium Connection, narrated by Robert Redford, was PBS’s official 1975 entry for the Prix Italia, the top international documentary competition. It was PBS’s first science documentary ever to achieve that honor, winning a Special Citation.

John became Nova’s executive producer, and developed the series into the 52-week-a-year PBS presence that it remains today. After winning the duPont/Columbia Award for the series, he joined with Graham Chedd to establish The Chedd-Angier Production Company.

John and Graham created PBS’s first prime-time science magazine series, Discover: The World of Science, hosted by Peter Graves; and its long-running successor, Scientific American Frontiers, hosted by Alan Alda. At Chedd-Angier John has produced several episodes for Nova, including the national Emmy award-winning Acid Rain: New Bad News. He was executive producer of PBS’s Race to Save the Planet, a landmark ten-part international coproduction about the global environment, hosted by Meryl Streep.

John’s most recent work, Saving the Ocean, was a new PBS series focusing on solutions to ocean environmental issues. The series premiered in April, 2011, and was hosted by the acclaimed conservation writer, Carl Safina.